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  1. working models and relationship quality in dating couples


    working models and relationship quality in dating couples

    working models and relationship quality in dating couples

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    Justin Bieber went to the ER back in May fearing a soccer injury had caused one of his testicles to twist, and that triggered a nasty legal claim between the hospital and a fired employee. Justin made an emergency run to Northwell Health in Long Island New York, and a staffer named Kelly Lombardo found out about it. The hospital claims Lombardo illegally accessed Justin's medical file in one of the computers ... this after hearing rumors Justin had been admitted for an STD. According to the lawsuit, the hospital fired Lombardo for being "an immoral employee" who violated Bieber's privacy rights. Lombardo has just filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, claiming she never accessed Justin's file and simply heard from others he was there for treatment of an STD.
    Jon Jones is DONE as a competitive fighter. Finished ... this according to Skip Bayless, who says it absolutely breaks his heart. The FS1 star says he's gotten to know Jones through appearances on "Undisputed" -- and tells TMZ Sports news of JJ's positive steroids test crushed him. "How can that guy be either so stupid, or so flawed, and ultimately so shockingly insecure, that you have to resort to steroids or whatever the PED was -- or any kind of drug?" "He's just like a flawed human, but he's got so much potential. He's such a likable, nice guy." In his parting message to Jones, Skip offered some tough love.
    Kevin Hart was the victim in an extortion attempt to the tune of millions of dollars, and we're told the FBI is on the case and has a suspect. Law enforcement sources tell us ... an anonymous person contacted Kevin's camp and provided the video TMZ described Saturday ... showing Kevin and a woman in a sexually provocative situation. The video then cuts to a bedroom where there appears to be sexual activity on a bed, although you don't see who is in the bed. We're told the person demanded a multi-million dollar amount in return for keeping the video private. There were actually several demands, and at one point the amount hit 8 figures. Our sources say The FBI knows who the woman is who interacted with Kevin, and they either believe she is the one who made the money demand ... or someone who got hold of the iPhone that recorded the encounter made the demand. Either way, FBI agents think they know the identity of the culprit.
    Demi Lovato's on a mission to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and while volunteering at the Houston Food Bank she ran into Kevin Hart and NBA superstar Chris Paul. We're told Demi donated 50,000 bottles of water to the food bank after hearing about price-gouging in the area -- and she set up a fundraising initiative with the food bank after donating $50k of her own dough. Chris and Kevin were helping unload trucks and serve food. We're told the trio randomly bumped into each other and snapped a quick pic.
    Katy Perry didn't need an Uber to get to Saturday night's Ed Sheeran concert in L.A. ... she got a lift from ex-BF Orlando Bloom. Looks like the break is over for the ex-couple who attended Sheeran's concert at the Staples Center ... the first time they've been spotted out since calling it quits in March after a year of dating. Katy said the breakup was amicable and she's been linked to other guys, namely Rob Pattinson with whom she had dinner with last week.
    After months of theories and speculation, the top secret horror movie Mother! has finally arrived in cinemas, revealing that much of what we thought we knew about the film has been slightly incorrect. And that the filmтАЩs premise was also somewhat blindly in front of us this whole time. тАЬIt depicts the rape and torment of Mother Earth,тА* she said. тАЬItтАЩs not for everybody. ItтАЩs a hard film to watch. But itтАЩs important for people to understand the allegory we intended. That they know I represent Mother Earth, Javier, whose character is a poet, represents a form of God, a creator; Michelle Pfeiffer is an Eve to Ed HarrisтАЩs Adam, thereтАЩs Cain and Abel and the setting sometimes resembles the Garden of Eden. тАЬFor Darren to take these massive biblical themes and condense them into a narrative about a house and a couple I think is just brilliant. I have never heard of anything like it.тА*

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  2. dating zippo lighters


    dating zippo lighters

    dating zippo lighters


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    Steve Largent did it ... so did Heath Shuler and Jack Kemp -- and now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is calling on MORE pro athletes to run for political office. The NBA legend recently appeared on "SI Now" and made the case for Dwyane Wade to run for mayor of Chicago ... claiming he's smart and tuned into the city and could really make a difference. So, when we saw KAJ in NYC Monday -- he told us it shouldn't stop with Wade -- saying people like Kobe Bryant should also consider politics ... because athletes have the popularity to be great leaders.
    The war between Ray J and Princess Love over their little pooch, Boogati, just escalated ... now Princess' arch enemy wants in on the dog fight -- and says it could get violent. We saw "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star Teairra Mari -- я╗┐with co-star Nikki Mudarris -- coming out of Mr. Chow Tuesday and asked about the nasty breakup between Ray J and Princess ... and their fight over their pet Maltese. There's already bad blood between Teairra and Princess -- after their epic battle over Ray J on the TV show. Teairra made it clear... she'll get physical if that's what it takes.
    Justin Bieber is either nuts about pressed juice or just one happy-go-lucky kinda baller after dinner. We got the Biebs grinning ear-to-ear leaving Il Pastaio Tuesday night in Bev Hills ... and we gotta ask, what triggered such a huge laugh? Here's what we do know -- his swollen balls triggered a lawsuit back in May after "an immoral employee" sued the hospital where Justin checked into for what turned out to be a swollen testicle. Someone cue Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire."
    Rihanna is the latest celeb to get swatted ... and TMZ has learned it's happening right now. Law enforcement sources tell us ... a call came in to 911 claiming 2 armed men were inside the Pacific Palisades house and someone was shot. LAPD is on scene and we're told they're confident it's yet another swatting call. As we reported ... the latest swatting victims appear to have been targeted by the celebrity hackers who pilfered financial information from Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Beyonce and others.
    Justin Bieber did not reach out to Selena Gomez to comfort her as she underwent kidney transplant surgery ... because he had no idea it was happening. Separate Justin and Selena sources tell us Selena did not share the news with Justin because they have had no connection or contact in a long time. As you know, they're members of the same church -- Hillsong -- but they never interact with each other. We're told the church has actually facilitated keeping them separate. As one source flatly put it, "They don't talk. Period." It's unclear if Justin and Selena feel this way, but people around them are annoyed the public thinks there's still a connection between the 2. One source says, "It was a childhood thing. They've both had other relationships. It's over."

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  3. free dating website fish


    free dating website fish

    free dating website fish


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    UFC superstar Jon Jones so badly wants to convince you he's not a steroid user, he just swore it on God and his kids. Jones just broke his silence about his B test from UFC 214 coming back positive for the banned anabolic steroid Turinabol ... a test that led to officials erasing his victory over Daniel Cormier. Jones went to Twitter to answer a fan who demanded the UFC star should "just tell the truth any why!!everybody will respect you more for it." Jones replied, "Dude the truth is I would never do steroids, I put that on my children and I put that on my Heavenly Father."
    Dana White says he REALLY hopes Jon Jones' positive drug test is a mistake and he'll be exonerated by the B sample ... but he says that's "highly unlikely." White appeared on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weeknights on FS1) and said he still hasn't personally spoken with Jones since he learned the UFC superstar tested positive for steroids. White said he was disappointed in Jones -- since the guy is so insanely gifted, he doesn't need banned substances to dominate in the UFC. "He doesn't need it!!!! He doesn't need to do that! He's that talented and that gifted that he doesn't need drugs."
    The NFL has filed 2 scathing new legal documents -- seeking to block Ezekiel Elliott and the NFL Player's Association from challenging the league's 6 game suspension ... and ripping the RB along the way. The 1st document, filed in federal court in Texas, the NFL asks the judge to reject the NFLPA's request to throw out whatever punishment the arbitrator hands out to the Cowboys star. Since the arbitrator hasn't ruled yet, the NFL says in the court docs, "the NFLPA lacks standing to vacate a hypothetical award." The league calls the NFLPA's motion an "utter waste of judicial resources." In the 2nd document, also filed in federal court in Texas, the NFL is again essentially trying to block the imposition of the arbitrator's ruling.
    This is the woman at the center of the Kevin Hart video that triggered a multi-million dollar extortion demand, and the extortionist freely admits money is the end game. The 4 minute and 47 second video is highly produced, with audio from Kevin on various radio shows as the video rolls. The video cuts to a bedroom scene where it appears 2 people are having sex on a bed. You can't see the people in the bed, but afterward you see a naked man walking in the room and it definitely looks like Kevin. "The real reason Kevin Hart orchestrated the Texas Hurricane Relief Fund, this so-called good deed was done to get ahead as he knew this damaging footage was one click away from being exposed as the liar and cheater he is. Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid."
    Floyd Mayweather says Justin Bieber turning traitor on him is the last thing on his mind on the eve of THE fight ... but he's still throwing jabs at his former BFF. Floyd sat down with 'Hollywood Unlocked' and talked about the video TMZ posted of Justin -- saying he didn't think Floyd would KO Conor McGregor. The champ tried like hell to keep it above belt, but his disdain came spilling out when he dismissed Bieber as a "pop star." As we reported, Floyd was screaming mad about JB's words and his IG unfollowing. He might cool down eventually. But not yet.
    Colin Kaepernick's plight in the NFL has seeped into the upper echelons of hip-hop ... 'cause Jay-Z dedicated 1 of his most racially charged songs to the QB during a live show. Jay was performing his new hit, "The Story of O.J.," Friday night in NYC, when he gave a shout out to Kaep and said the performance was for him ... and the late activist Dick Gregory, who died last month. He also said ... "I want to dedicate this song to anyone that was held back and you overcame whatever it was." Kaepernick is still without a job on an NFL team, and his perceived banishment (by some) from the NFL for refusing to stand for the National Anthem has been a divisive issue for many ... including Steph Curry, Dave Chappelle, Kid Rock and other celebs.

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  4. 1970 online dating sites in canada


    1970 online dating sites in canada

    1970 online dating sites in canada

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    NeNe Leakes knows 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' producers would never say how much money Kim Zolciak is getting for her comeback, but NeNe thinks it's gotta be less than her booty. We got NeNe at LAX Thursday where she told us there's a reason she should get a bigger check. It's funny ... Kim had her own reasons for thinking she's a bigger draw. As we previously reported ... negotiations are underway for both NeNe and Kim to return as full-time cast members on season 10. It already seems like it's gonna be worth it.
    "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli looks up to Taylor Swift ... but if things go Danielle's way, not for long. We got Danielle at LAX Thursday and broke the news to her -- her single "These Heaux" is No. 2 on Spotify's viral top 50 list ... right behind Taylor's "Look What You Made Me Do." Check it out ... Danielle's relishing that a newbie like her can already rival a giant mega star like Taytay. So what are the chances Danielle will also diss at Taylor? Watch. She tells us.
    Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes are not down with fake news, and they think that's what Kim Zolciak's pushing when it comes to her beef with Kenya Moore. We got the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' duo at LAX ... and our photog peppered them about what really happened to make Kim charge at Kenya while shooting last week. You'll recall Kim went nuclear ... thinking Kenya brought up Kim's "injured son" during some intense trash talking. So, was Kim justified? Well, there's Cynthia and NeNe's version of events. And then there's Kim's. Anyone smell another Kim rant coming?
    Faizon Love beating the crap out of a valet, and getting arrested in Ohio is really good for biz ... based on ticket sales for his next stand-up show. As we reported, Faizon was arrested Tuesday after the brutal attack -- captured on surveillance video. The arrest came 8 days before his headlining gig at Funny Bone Comedy Club in Columbus. Perfect timing. Management at the club says they sold nearly 100 tickets on Wednesday alone ... the day after the comedian's arrest. By comparison, they only sold 24 tickets the day before. The spike puts his 2 scheduled shows on March 15 at just over 80% capacity. Also, management says no one's asked for a refund yet. As they say, no such thing as bad publicity. Although Faizon's lawyer might beg to differ.
    Kevin Hart is getting out in front of a messy situation by apologizing publicly to his wife and kids, and TMZ has learned it's all over a video that looks like he's cheating. Kevin profusely apologized to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and his kids on Instagram Saturday ... saying he recently made some mistakes he deeply regrets. Sources tell TMZ a woman has allegedly demanded money from Kevin after shooting a video with him in which Kevin and the woman are engaged in "sexually suggestive" conduct. We are told it is NOT a sex tape, but looks like it is a prelude to sex. We're told that at a point in the tape when the action is the heaviest, you cannot actually see Kevin. A rep for Kevin tells us ... "Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation."
    You might remember ... Mari allegedly went nuts on an Uber driver in July after he refused to let her charge her cellphone. The driver claims Mari began to punch him and stole his charger -- forcing him to pull over. Prosecutors bought the driver's story and on Friday Mari was charged with battery and theft -- both misdemeanors. She was also hit with a vandalism charge but it's not clear where that came from. Mari faces possible jail time, where at least she won't have to worry about her phone's battery life.

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  7. Re: working models and relationship quality in dating couples

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  8. Re: working models and relationship quality in dating couples

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