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    Exclamation Source Check Group Rules

    Here at the steroid source check forum our members are our most valuable asset. You will get the most out of this forum if you contribute to our community. It doesn't matter if you have zero health, fitness, bodybuilding, or steroid experience - We welcome your questions and look forward to answering them. If you have lots of health, fitness, bodybuilding, or steroid experience our community will be very thankful for your knowledge and contributions. We do not tolerate spammers, scammers, or anti-social behavior. If you engage in any of these activities you will quickly be banned. Be smart and build lifetime relationships.

    Steroid Source Check Rules

    1) Your posts must add value to the forum. Responses such as "Yes I agree" will be deleted. Also posts that are content stolen from other sites will be deleted, and offender will be banned.

    2) Get an avatar. This is compulsory. This is also how members recognize you. (If you don't get an avatar I will add one for you and I promise you won't like it)

    3) Play nice!

    4) Source checks are only allowed in the paid members area. Click here to learn more ---> Steroid Source Check

    Steroid Source Check F.A.Q.

    Q: I am having technical difficulties. What should I do?
    A: Send an email to support@sourcecheckgroup.com. Please Put "Source Check Group Support" in the subject header.

    Q: Can I add a signature?
    A: Yes you can add a signature- Even with your very post; However if that ends up being your only post and it is obvious you are just trying to get a backlink then your signature with your backlink will be removed. It is up to the administrative team to decide if your signature will remain or be removed. We do not allow any backlinks in your signature to porn websites, scam sites, or unsavory websites. No banner ads are allowed in your signature.

    Q: Can you just tell me where is a good source to buy steroids from?
    A: No. You must review the threads in the Source Check Members Area and make your own decision.

    Q: Can I send a message to members asking for steroid sources?
    A: No. If you are looking for steroids you will need to review the threads and contact the suppliers through the information they provide.

    Steroid Suppliers F.A.Q.

    Q: I am a steroid supplier. Can I create a post to promote my products?
    A: If you are a steroid supplier you may create 1 post in the Source Check Members Area only. On this post you may answer questions and concerns from our members.

    It is up to our members to decide if you are a legitimate steroid source. If you are legit your post will end up with hundreds of positive reviews, and soar to the top of the forum threads (And maybe even become a sticky). If you are a scammer your post will disappear into obscurity and you will be exposed not only here, but on hundreds of other websites.

    Q: As a steroid supplier can I place a banner ad in my signature?
    A: No.

    Q: As a steroid supplier can I place a link to my steroid website in my signature?
    A: No you cannot; However, you may create a link pointing to your promotional thread here in the Source Check Members Area.

    Q: Can I send out messages to members informing people of sources?
    A: No. You will be banned if you spam our members message boxes. You may message your friends in the Source Check Group Community or the owner of a thread, but the sending of mass messages will not be tolerated.

    Q: I have other questions about being a supplier. What should I do?
    A: Contact admin@sourcecheckgroup.com. Please put "Source Check Group Supplier" in the subject field.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions

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