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  • Things To Consider when Choosing between Pro-hormones and Steroids

    It is obvious that many are not able to differentiate pro-hormones from and steroids. However, this does not mean that there are no clear-cut differences between the two. On the one hand, pro-hormones are compounds which enter the body before they are converted into a steroid compound. Some of the most known examples of pro-hormones are 1-Andro and 4-Andro. On the other hand, steroids are hormones that have a cholesterol backbone. The gonads and the adrenal glands are the very organs which use cholesterol to make steroids.

    One must therefore note that the underlying difference between pro-hormones and steroids is that as supplements, pro-hormones remain totally inactive up to the point that the liver turns them into active hormones, following their absorption. Pro-hormones may or may not have the aforementioned backbone. This means that their supplements may turn to a type of steroids or something that is totally different. Examples of performance enhancing steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone, a derivative of a testosterone or a testosterone.

    It is also true that the differences between pro-hormones and steroids stretch into the benefits and drawbacks of both.

    One of the benefits of steroids is that they (steroids) have the ability to increase muscle strength and size, tremendously and in a number of ways. This is especially the case with anabolic steroids, also known as AAS. The cells possess a receptor which when bound, causes the hormone-receptor to move to the nucleus of muscle cells and thereby initiating the process of cell building. The process of cell building in turn begin with begin with the building of muscle proteins and fibers, through the activating of the DNA. The hormone-receptors also indirectly activate other mechanisms such as Satellite and IGF-1 migration. The Satellite and IGF-1 migration in turn causes muscles to get denser, larger, stronger and to split to form new cells.

    The problem with steroids is that they are amenable to a number of health complications. Some of these complications include infertility, shriveling of the testes, heightened blood pressure, liver diseases, kidney damage, nonfunctional heart enlargement, psychosis, hair loss, gynocomastia, an intensely increased libido, organ enlargement, painful nipples, acne and rage.

    On the converse, pro-hormones are oral supplements that convert into an active hormone when ingested. The hormone binds itself to the muscle. Some pro-hormones are non-steroidal and bind themselves to androgen receptors. Another advantage of pro-hormones is that they are prepared in laboratories and are regulated by the FDA. This means that pro-hormones are always available and legal.

    The drawback of pro-hormones is that they can be harmful when taken too much.


    From the foregoing, it is clear that pro-hormones are the best and safest alternative. The drawback that comes with pro-hormones is only associated with misuse and overuse. This is highly avoidable.
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