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  • Top 10 Energy Boosters

    Alot of people complain about low energy levels after a littleexertion. This might be due to many different factors like low intakeof vitamins or minerals, dehydration, lack of sleep or other relatedissues. It might also be due to a combination of factors. With alittle care and consideration, you can overcome low energy issues.


    Witha regular intake of following top10 energy boostersin your daily routine, you’ll be able to overcome low exertionlevels and keep yourself active and dynamic throughout the day;


    Liquidscontaining high levels of water (certainly not alcoholic drinksthough) can turn out to be the best energy boosters. Water keeps yourbody hydrated, helps you detoxify your body and keeps your bodyactive throughout the day. The quantity of water that a human bodyrequires each day varies from one person to another. The ideal way ofdeciding upon how much water you should drink each day is to divideyour body weight by thirty, and the resulting amount determines thenumber of liters you should consume each day.


    Presently,the food available in the market is thoroughly treated reducing theamount of multivitamins. That is why even the people who take abalanced diet complain about low energy levels. For this reason,multivitamins can turn out to be the perfect energy boosters for you.You should make sure that you incorporate tablets containing vitaminD and Vitamin C, also other Vitamin complexes in your daily routine.


    Mineralslike Magnesium and Zinc are also the top10 energy boostersthat keep your body up and running. If you are not taking therequired quantities of minerals, you would require more oxygen forphysical activities which would in turn increase your heart rate. Forthis reason, you should take a lot of cashew nuts, fish andwholegrain cereals as power boosters in your diet. You can supplementit with multi mineral tablets as well.


    Ifafter having eaten a normal meal you still feel hungry, it impliesthat you’re not having a regular intake of proteins in your diet.If you take high protein foods like chicken, butter etc, chances arehigh that you won’t require extra snacks to boost energy level.


    Carbohydratescan also turn out to be good energy boosters as they contain less fatand produce more energy keeping you active and healthy equally at thesame time.


    Ifyou would not be getting a normal sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily, it isquiet natural that you won`t be able to do a lot of exertion. Takinga nap in between the day can turn out to be an efficient powerbooster.


    Exerciseis the best known natural energy booster which increases bodymetabolism, cheers you up and keeps you active.


    Caffeineis known to be the best instant energy booster out of the top10 energy boosters.Take a low fat Latte coffee and increase your metabolism to stayactive and dynamic.


    Takingdeep breath enables your blood cells to consume fresh oxygen, whichfreshens you up and boosts your energy.


    Saladsand other form of raw food contain certain digestive enzymes that canturn out to be perfect energy boosters as they break up the nutrientsand convert them into energy.

    However,it is recommended to examine your body beforehand and decide what`sbest for you.