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  • How to Raise your Lactate Threshold: Athlete’s Way Out

    Lactatethreshold is the scale which determines the maximum level of exertionan athlete can carry with a normal oxygen rate. When the rate atwhich the lactose is produced during exertion exceeds the rate oflactose removal, the stage of lactate threshold has been reached.Once the production of lactose increases, it is discharged in theblood, ceasing the muscles to work efficiently. For athletes, it isimportant to raisethe lactate threshold level,sothat they can carry out their activities for a longer time withoutany kind of fatigue.

    Howto Determine your Lactate Level?

    Ideallyan experiment is carried out in the lab where your gradual rise inworkout is recorded and alongside your blood samples are taken torecord the congruent threshold levels. In contrast to this method,ventilator method is also being used which is a more appropriate butless accurate one. Athletes consider the time when the breathing rateincreases to a significant level, as their lactate threshold level.

    Raisingthe Lactate Threshold:

    Raisingthe lactate threshold impliesincreasing endurance while carrying out sports activities for alonger time. An athlete’s lactate threshold level is much higherthan a normal human being. If you want to raiseyour lactate threshold, itis quiet achievable with a regular workout.

    LactateThreshold Training:

    LactateThreshold Training is an efficient method used to raisethe lactate threshold ofyour body. An athlete is trained to sustain the exertion for anextended time under this method. Usually, professional coaches ortrainers help you with your training routine. You are expected tostart off by a warm up exercise, steadily increasing the rate ofexercise each day to gradually raiseyour lactate threshold. Intervallactate threshold training will require a high effort work out forfive to ten minutes with a maximum two minutes gap in between, twicea week. Continuous lactate threshold training will require a 20-30minutes workout with a big effort, twice every week.


    Ifyou’re carrying out high intensity exercises, you need to make surethat your body doesn’t run low on glycogen. To raiseyour lactate threshold, you’llneed to take high nutrition meals both before and after the workout.Foods containing high levels of carbohydrates and glycogen arerecommended before the workout. Make sure you aren’t too full ornot too hungry before the work out. Drink lots of water after theworkout to hydrate your body. You would need carbohydrates andprotein rich foods after workout, since a lot of energy would havebeen drained by then. The healthier you would eat, the higher yourlactate threshold would reach.

    Ifyou’re a runner aiming at raisingthe lactate threshold ofyour body, you need to work on your cardiovascular cycle which wouldrequire a lot of training. Another technique to raiseyour lactate threshold levelwould be to progress in terms of economy, so that your body is ableto store energy for longer running periods. If you want to naturallyincrease your sustainability, exercise and high nutrition value arethe only two things you can count on. With a little effort, you’lldefinitely be able to raise the lactate threshold level.