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  • How To Increase Endurance

    Endurance literally means“staying power”. In terms of bodybuilding, this term would implythe ability of your muscles to repeatedly stay contracted for aspecific period of time. For instance, if you are bench pressing abarbell it would be your muscular endurance that lets you perform 10to 12 repetitions. Your muscles are exerting force over and overagain to elevate that barbell.

    Increasing enduranceis one of the desired key elements of bodybuilding or anyphysical sport. Having high endurance will ensure that you are ableto perform physically exerting tasks for longer period of time andmore efficiently. So, how does one exactly increase endurance? Forincreasing endurance, it is necessary to undertake strenuouscardiovascular activities that would condition and tone your heart,making it stronger and allowing it to pump maximum amount of blood toyour twitching muscles.

    CardiovascularExercises for Boosting Endurance

    To increase endurance,athletes have always relied on time tested and honored exercises suchas running, biking, playing sports like tennis or basketball. Theseexercises not only burn fat and define musculature, they alsosignificantly boost endurance. The most crucial thing to keep in mindwhile pursuing any of the aforementioned activities is gradualadaptation. You won’t become an Olympic runner or be able to run atriathlon on your first day! Start up slow, run short distances andrecord the time. Keep it up till the routine becomes too easy for youthen gradually increase the distance and try to cover it in evenshorter time. This will definitely lay the foundation for increasingendurance.

    Muscular Endurance

    Enhancement in muscularendurance entails producing maximum force for a longer period oftime. Some fitness guru’s postulate that strength and endurancetraining combined with cardio conditioning is the ultimate way toincrease endurance permanently. There is indeed merit in thatanalogy; you could incorporate both the paradigms in your workout.

    Muscular endurance can beenhanced by using your own body weight, free weights or by utilizingmachines. The most common one that is ideally suited for beginners isexercises that leverage your body weight as resistance.

    Body weightresistance: If you are hard pressed for time and free weights orworkout machines are not at your disposal, don’t fret! Classicendurance workouts like chin ups, pushups, dips, burpees etc., areideal for this situation. These exercises don’t require specializedequipment and can be done in your own backyard.

    Exercise Machines:Exercise machines allow the perfect blend of controllingresistance and targeting specific muscle groups. The only drawback isthat such machines require a lot of space and are often expensive.

    Free Weights:Endurance exercises utilizing free weights is my favorite form ofworkout. These exercises are most beneficial as they are ideal forcontrolling resistance, targeting chosen muscle groups and helpimprove core strength and muscle balance.

    While using free weights,it’s highly recommended that a bottom up approach is used. Startwith low weights, lower repetitions, lower sets and then work yourway up and increase quantity in every aspect. It is essential tomaintain a proper form while using free weights as there’s a highpossibility of injury. Get a gym partner or a spotter to assist you.

    Word of Caution:Before undertaking any endurance training or other physicallyexhaustive activities, always consult your doctor or fitness trainer.Remember the old proverb, “better safe than sorry”.