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  • Great Exercises for Boosting the Metabolism

    When it comes to weight loss we knowthe power of exercise. Burning calories from such activities asswimming and jogging is vitally important. It allows us not to justburn the calories we are eating, but also for us to dig into our fatreserves to keep going.

    Because the fat reserves are beingburned as energy, we lose weight and body fat. Exactly what we need. But there is a way of making the fat burning even more efficient –by boosting the metabolism. It is the metabolism that determines howquickly we burn calories as energy, how efficient our bodies are. Sowe need to keep our metabolism up.

    There are ways of doing this, includingexercise. By choosing the right exercises we not only burn thecalories as we do it, but with our enhanced metabolism we continue toburn extra calories long afterwards.

    Great Exercises for Boosting theMetabolism

    So what are these great exercises forboosting the metabolism?
    • Weight lifting. We tend to think of weight lifting as simply for muscle bound individuals pumping iron in the gym. But by reducing the size of the weights, and upping the reps, we can burn fat quickly. Even better the metabolism is boosted for hours afterwards, meaning we are burning more calories long after we have finished lifting the weights.
    • Build muscle. Did you know that muscles naturally burn more calories than fat, even when resting? So by having more muscle than we do now we will naturally increase our metabolism and continue to burn more calories. It's a vicious circle reversed!
    • Yoga. The metabolism is controlled by the thyroid. Yoga has numerous stretches that not only build calories but also have an effect on your thyroid (through the endorcine system), causing it to increase the metabolism.
    • Rock climbing. It works in much the same way as weight lifting to increase the metabolism – but for many people is far more fun! You may not know it, but there is likely a climbing wall within easy reach.